SKU: LC-BAY-LS4X-300/340/380/540W-465

LED Retrofit 4X Plate

LED Bay Light Retrofit Kit 300w – 540w LS 4X Plate

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Wattage Selection Lumen's Dimmable Voltage LED Type CCT Cert
30/40w X Small Solstice 2,970 - 3,960LM YES 120-488V Philips 5,700k UL
30/40/50/60w Small Solstice Yoke 2,970 - 5,940LM
30/40/50/60w Small Solstice 1X Plate 2,970 - 5,940LM
60/80/100/120w Small Solstice 2X Plate 5,949 - 11,880LM
90/180W Small Solstice 3X Plate 8,910 - 17,820LM
120/160/200/240w Small Solstice 4X Plate 11,880 - 23,760LM
75/85/95/135w Large Solstice Yoke 7,725 - 13,905LM
75/85/95/135w Large Solstice 1X Plate 7,725 - 13,905LM
150/170/190/270w Large Solstice 2X Plate 15,450 - 27,810LM
225/255/285/405w Large Solstice 3X Plate 23,175 - 41,715LM
300/340/380/540w Large Solstice 4X plate 30,900 - 55,620LM

LED Bay Light Retrofit Kit 300w – 540w LS 4X Plate

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Plate Application Large 4x plate

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LED Corporation LED Bay Light Retrofit Kit Extra Small Solstice Plate 300w – 540w LS 4X Plate is UL listed and DLC and designed to retrofit into almost any HID fixture using custom fabricated brackets and plates for easy plug and play installation. We can articulate our units and offer innovative optics to deliver light precisely where needed. Dark Sky Compliant. The LED Bay Light Retrofit Kit 300w – 540w LS 4X Plate comes with an Energy Saver program that is accessed via a Two way switchable power options on board.


Part Number: LC-BAY-LS4X-300/340/380/540W-465 GTSOL2754-GR-ECO

Some Key Features:

  • Multiple temperature control values. Over temperature protection, shut down at critical temperature and resume operation temperature.
  • Under voltage lockout for power off or brownout
  • Soft start
  • 0 – 10v Dimming compatible
  • 0 – 10v Input Port
  • Occupancy sensing current accuracy over the LED operating temperature range +/-3%

Wattage selections by switch:
300W and 540W per solstice until.  Total wattage range 300W – 540W

Limited 10 year warranty


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50/60Hz ballast. Input voltage 60W Step Down Ballast from input voltage to 24v Solstice Unit.  480V / 100W Ballast also available.
*24V operation without driver

Input Voltages:
120vAC, 220 – 277vAC, 24vDC
480vAC, 24vDC
For Solar Powered Application – No Driver is required

Operating Temperature Range:
-40 to +85 degrees Celsius

Multiple lensing options available for maximum light distribution, if needed.

Distribution Pattern:
Multiple mounting positions for a broad range of narrow to spread symmetrical lighting distribution choices.

Available upon request

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