How To Become Better With Different Types Of LED Lights In 10 Minutes

How To Become Better With Different Types Of LED Lights In 10 Minutes

Light Emitting Diodes are not just beneficial to decorate your business with little glittering lights or your vehicle to give the extra sleek appearance, but they’re also appearing as a dependable and eco-friendly lighting alternative. From the time of innovation, LED lights have advanced in technologies that were different to fulfill the needs of each customer. Different kinds of LED bulbs can be found that meets the requirements of everyone. In the event that you want to focus on some areas of your organization, desire lights that give soft lighting to your business or bright light lighting to highlight a product; all sort of illumination needs are easy to fulfill with efficient LED lighting products. Take a look at different types of LED lights on the basis of the needs of consumers.

1, Miniature LEDs: Indicators of mobile phones, television sets, remote control and digital cameras use tiny LEDs to create little and powerful long-range beam of light. It’s not inappropriate to utilize in various circuit boards. They come in and quite handy the “Plug and Play ” mode.

Miniature LED lighting

Mini LED Types of LED Lights for aquarium, lights, Kinds of LED Lights for cars, Miniature LED Lights

2, Application Specific LED (AS-LED): As name indicate, program special LED is customized for every customer to satisfy their needs. Mostly public display, digital billboards and also other kinds of large display boards are produced with all the usage of program specific LED. Mostly, AS-LED comes with all the bi-color or RGB LED mixture.

LED use in sign boards Application Specific LED (AS-LED) for banner and brand promotion


3, LED strips: LED strip Lights contain high-powered LEDs mounted on a super -thin flexible circuit board using an adhesive coating. It may appear to be an extended strip with small twinkling lights beaded inside it. It’s budget friendly. LED strips are used to decorate areas with accent lighting, in kitchens,  garden spaces to emphasize components any individual would like.

LED Strip Lighting

LED Strip Lighting  Budget and ornamental LED strip lights include various color combinations

4, Directional – Reflector Led Lamps: To light up and highlight specific areas with directional bulbs, reflector LED lamps are best solution. Reflector LED lamps light the area in beam design that is uniform with less energy consumption. It’s great for jewelry stores, Art Galleries

LED Light Bulbs

Directional – Reflector Directed Lamps: One Kind of LED bulb that reflects light in beam pattern

5, Downlights Conversion Kits: Downlights and Conversion kits -Provide light that is quite innovative that they are mounted in a ceiling and dimmable. It comes with the slick and professional design to suit perfectly for your own working place. They can be easily converted for your own personal choice of 5”, size 4” and 6”. It is easy to fit them in the ceiling.

LED Downlight retrofit

Example of LED Downlight Retrofits & Conversion Kit

6, LED Spot Lights: Different sizes of LED spot lights exist in the market and give the LED lighting customer many options to fit the perfect need. LED spot lights are good for an individual, who is seeking focused Lumens in addition to longer lifespan. LED spot lights are beneficial to people who own large showrooms or Jewelry stores, Coin Collectors or just anyone that wants to highlight a product or Item.

LED Spot Light

LED spot Lights for showrooms and Office applications

7. LED candle bulbs: Another popular type of LED bulb on the list for household customers is the LED candle bulb. We all love the warming and gentle light of candles, but of course, it just lasts for few hours. LED candles are used for cosmetic purpose differently Many people like to install them on ceilings of entrance areas in their house or in a large chandelier. They’re for sale in range of shapes as well as colors.

led candle bulbs

Different Types of LED candle bulbs

LED corn bulbs: LED corn bulbs get their name from their look of an ear of corn or corn on the cob. Besides being LED a lightbulb that is individual, it contains around 80-180 tiny LED lights put together for light that is glowing. This really is the best option of LED lighting for companies who prefer to opt for maintenance and energy efficient LED product. Its typical lifespan is more than 5 years.

80W LED Corn Light CE ROHS UL Listed External Power                                                                                                              LED Corn Lights
9, LED-G (Globe) lightbulbs: LED-G lightbulb is best alternative for individuals who tend not to like LED candle bulbs. LED-G lightbulbs are useful for chandeliers,  bathroom vanities lighting and ceiling fans. LED-G lightbulb is dimmable and helps to reduce consumption of electricity.

10. LED tube lights: Best Choice for  fluorescent replacement Tube lights are used at schools and businesses They may be manufactured to be able to easily replace old style fluorescent lights by just plugging in the new LED Tube light replacement. It’s a solid and straightforward layout with great LED replacement lighting

T8 LED Tube Lights 26W Internal Driver DLC
11. LED panel light: LED panel lights are high-grade indoor business lighting lamps. They are made of aluminum alloy by anodic oxidation. It has simple design and appearance with sharp high definition illumination. It comes in different wattages like 12W, 18W, 21W, 36W, 48W, 72W, and 85W. It will light your business for more than 50,000 hours. It is easy to install by recessed ring with clamping springs.

2x4 63W LED Ceiling Panel Light Dimmable UL DLC

13. LED Track lights: Track lights are great to use for direct and indirect lighting needs. One single track can hold many LED track lights that can give very trendy and modern that can give a great look to any area. You will find distinct size, shapes and colors for LED track lights. Many track light providers also customize it as per the need of the customer. Track lights consists of solid copper conductor railings which help to attach LED light bulbs at the spot you want.

LED Track lights

14. LED industrial high bay lights: High bay lights utilized in the industrial market need certainly to be durable, long lasting and be resilient to the harsh environments they are used in. They greatly reduce the power consumption and maintenance of lighting in the Industrial markets

15. LED Floodlight: glowing white light that spreads with wide angle is offered by LED flood lights. It is useful to install in warehouses, dark areas of yards, theaters, playgrounds, and stadiums. It offers brighter light than halogen or CFL lights. It’s budget-friendly, trustworthy and resilient.

16. LED Street Lights LED Low glare lens protects drivers and lights the roadways with better visibility, LED street lights meet all requirements for any city or government with less hassle of setup, brighter light, and efficiency. It comes in different size as per the demand and shape. It increases ROI and last for over 10 years

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