How Commercial Property Owners Benefit From LED Flood Lights

How Commercial Property Owners Benefit From LED Flood Lights

How Commercial Property Owners Benefit LED Flood Lights

Phil Symaneski had a major annoyance on his hands. The aging flood lights around the building he maintains for Sansone Inc. were falling apart. Just changing a bulb became a major project; unscrewing a spent bulb led to a crumbling socket which led to exposed wiring which led to more parts to be ordered, delayed repairs and so on. When the facilities manager presented the situation to his bosses at Sansone, it was clear something needed to be done.

360 250w Flood Mount

It was agreed to evaluate an LED fixture. “I knew when they installed the sample (360 LED fixture from LED Corporations) that this was the answer. The old boxy fixtures with the 1000W metal halide bulbs couldn’t compare with the sleekness of the LEDs. And with a wattage output of only 250W, it out-shown the old fixtures completely,” says Phil. The new fixtures light the building’s facade past the ninth floor with a super bright 5700K blast. Almost instantly, Sansone placed an order for twelve more units.

“They make the building look fantastic,” Phil effuses. “They’re brand spanking new, and the best part is, I won’t have to touch them for at least five years.”

Sansone is leading the pack when it comes to using exterior LED flood lights. By dramatically enhancing the appearance of their properties at night, they know they can draw a higher class of clientele. Many of Sansone’s tenants are financial institutions that need to impress their clients, and appearance is critical. But appearance is not the only reason LED flood lights make perfect sense for commercial property owners.


The lenses on the aging boxy metal halide flood lights had become dull and yellow over the years. This, combined with the fact that metal halide bulbs lose 30% of their photon-producing power within 90 days, and even more over years of use, lead to less than stellar building illumination. Even though the metal halide bulb was using 1000W per fixture, the result was not excellent.

When Sansone installed LED Corporations’ 360 LED Flood Lights, not only did they eliminate maintenance hassles and cut energy consumption by 75%, the contrast with the metal halide fixtures was startling. “ We got a call from the space station,” Phil jokes, “They asked us if we could turn down our floods.”


When considering LED flood lights, property owners should only choose products that are United Laboratories (UL) listed and Design Light Consortium (DLC) certified. Consumer beware: some manufacturers in China will falsely label their products with these certifications. If there is any doubt, ask for the UL number and to see the LM79 and LM80 reports to verify certification claims. Further, establish that the warranty is covered by a US Corporation. You won’t want to be chasing down some company in China in six months to honor a warranty on a bill of goods they’ve sent you.

LED Corporations conducts employs independent quality control engineers that inspects each unit and verify all certifications. They also back the five year warranty completely on every LED outdoor lighting product they sell.


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