LED Lighting And Fixtures Have Become A Top Choice For Airports

LED Lighting And Fixtures Have Become A Top Choice For Airports

LED Lamps and fixtures have become a top choice for airports

subway stations and bus terminals. In fact, because of patented sturdy construction, LED Lighting is used in terminals and concourses throughout the world.

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Airport parking garages see a particular benefit with the wide array of canopy Garage lights. Staff engineers and lighting specialists work with blue prints and .dwg drawings to ensure projects meet or exceeds codes and provide foot candles and lumens to your specifications.

An added benefit to airports and transportation terminals is the reduction in energy costs. By using only one half to one quarter of wattage output, airports see tremendous savings in energy expense. Airport terminals that take the plunge and retrofit their entire their entire infrastructure can experience a complete return on investment in materials costs within two to three years. Then, for the remaining life of the LEDs, these organizations enjoy unfettered energy savings, money that can be used for other projects or more personnel.

Another important consideration is the reduction in heat that these products provide.

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Since the diodes generate much less heat, summer cooling costs are noticeably reduced. And since these LEDs are warrantied for 5-to-10 years (and will likely last 20+ years) airports and transportation terminals significantly reduce hazardous waste from mercury-filled lamps that contribute to drastic environmental changes.

Because the quality of light  lamps and tubes provide, weary travelers experience a sense of rejuvenation as they traverse your airport, subway and bus terminals.

By far the most popular item used by airport operators are T8 tube lights. These tubes come with internal or external drivers according to your preference. They fit handily into existing troffers for easy installation.

For a more contemporary look, modern terminals are installing LED panel 2×2, 2×4 and 1×4 panel lights. Besides being easy to install and saving energy, these panels transform an interior space with clean, even light.

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