The LED Solstice Mini

The LED Solstice Mini

The Solstice Mini

Not all LEDs are created equal. A case in point is the Solstice Mini, one of the newest captivating LED modules from LED Corporations. When it comes to retrofitting your High Bay or Low Bay light, it’s currently the brightest among its kind in the world in terms of square inch and yet it doesn’t break the bank.


The Small Solstice for Bay light retrofitting has the following features:Solstice Mini

Manufactured in the USA
Rate for 100,000 hours
4 switchable options for wattage 30/40/50/60
Thermal Protection Circuit for temperature monitoring
60,000 hrs. with no lumen degradation
2,970-5,940 Delivered Lumens
120-480 Volt Driver
5-6-1 energy saver
Programmable controls
5 optic options: 25, 50, 75, 120, and 360 degrees
4.5″ diameter
10 year warranty on Solstice engine/5 Year warrant on the driver

Why Buy It

The retrofit unit certainly deserves all the attention it gets simply because it offers the following amazing benefits:

Less Light Degradation

Contrary to a lot of people’s beliefs, LED lights don’t last forever. Phillips diodes just last a lot longer than a traditional Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium. Instead of our Philips LED diodes just burning out, it dims over time. However not all LED’s will last the same. Some LED’s will perform a lot better depending on the materials and technology being used. The Solstice retrofit kit is one of these, thanks to the Philips Diodes, Philips drivers, and great Heat Sink. Because of the Life Sync Smart Technology. The solstice is able to maintain a constant lumen output with no lumen depreciation for 60,000 hours. Our proprietary technology will notice any load variations which will then increase the amperage to compensate for light loss. At 12 hours a day, this key feature will allow your LED Bay lights to have a constant light level for up to 15 years of use.
Smart Technologies

The LED Bay light Solstice retrofit features advanced technologies that allows the solstice to operate at an optimum lumen output without damaging itself from overheating. With a thermal protection circuit, the solstice will shut down 2/3’s of its lumen output to protect any damage due to high temperatures usually resulting in an improper installation within the Bay light. You can also adjust its wattage, optics (up to 360 degrees and as low as 25 degrees), and dimming capabilities. The dip switch settings consisting of 4 options of 30/40/50/60 watts will give you more power over the lamp’s efficiency and lumen output.

The Small Solstice 1x Plate is completely customizable buy utilizing our custom plate. This particular Plate come with one solstice. You provide the required information and our custom plate will be designed for your fixture. Our retrofit has been designed to be suitable for various Types of bay lights regardless if they are High Bay or Low Bay applications. This retrofit is compatible with Bay lights, Flood lights, Street lights, Wall packs, Recessed lights, Garage lights, etc. The lamp doesn’t have a large footprint at only 4.5 inches in diameter. You can also add multiple solstices to a fixture which would allow up to 4 solstices depending on the application.
Energy Savings

5-6-1 Energy Program. LEDs in general can already help save up to 80% of electricity. That is one of the reasons why commercial establishments and households are encouraged to shift their lighting sources. The small solstice designed for our LED Bay lighting applications, however, takes it a step further through its Energy saver’s program. It’s a special automated but programmable mechanism that allows your Bay lights to operate at 100% of the lumen output for the first 5 hours. Then the next 6 hours of the night, the Bay light will then be reduced to a 50% output. For the last hour of the night, the light will then resume to 100%. By doing this you will save 3 hours a night totaling almost 1,100 hours a year. This is ideal for parking lots or parking garages that have little or no activity after 11:00 p.m.
Reliable Brand

The LEDs that are utilized within our LED Bay Light retrofit are manufactured and distributed by Philips, one of the most reliable, popular, and sought-after brands when it comes to consumer electronics and lighting. You are guaranteed that the product itself is a premium brand and well designed to suit your needs and preferences.

Future Ready

Our Bay light is prepared for the future. The incorporated Solstice module means that the lamp is actually capable of accepting and integrating lighting technologies up the coming years. In other words, as new design, architecture, and technologies are introduced, the Solstice Mini can only get better in terms of its efficiency, productivity, and performance.


By LED Corporations

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