LED Strip Light Troffer Retrofit

LED Strip Light Troffer Retrofit

75% Less Energy Than a T8.145 L/W Rated Life: 246,000 hrs. Made In USA 10 Year Warranty

LED Striplight Troffer2.

A new milestone in LED innovation has been achieved.  LED Corporations is now manufacturing LED retrofits that produce 150 lumens per watt.  Considering that standard LED diodes emit just 90 lumens per watt, you can begin to understand the disruption this new product presents.

“This new generation of LED technology will revolutionize the lighting industry,” says LED Corporations president, Anthony Florence.



To get a better idea of the significance of this technology consider this example. A standard 2×4 fluorescent fixture containing three (3) 32-watt tubes and ballast consumes approximately 100 watts.  With this new product, the same amount of lumens is produced with just 28 watts, cutting energy consumption by about 71%.

Considering that schools, institutions, healthcare facilities and just about every office building in the world each have thousands of fluorescent fixtures, the potential energy savings is astronomical.  This technology is of particular value to facilities that have their lights on 24/7, for example, prisons, casinos and hospitals.  “We’re seeing ROIs well under two years and, in some cases, as little as six months,” says Florence.


But tremendous energy savings is only half the story. Independent laboratories have rated the retrofit to last an incredible 240,000 hours or for just over 27 years if on 24/7. “Once an institution has installed these retrofits, it will be the end of maintenance likely for the rest of lives of anyone now living”, adds Florence.

Another feat of engineering is the ease with which these retrofits can be installed. One simply needs to bypass or remove the current ballast, fasten the kit inside the trough with included self-tapping screws. Using just a cordless screwdriver, the entire installation takes less than ten minutes.

This product is Underwriter Laboratories (UL) listed, is made in the USA and carries a 10-year warranty making it eligible for rebates offered by utilities. LED Corporations can work with your local utility representative to secure rebate pre-approval.

This marvel of technology is sold in two- (2-) and four- (4-) foot strips mounted on an aluminum extrusion that draws heat away from the diodes and increases longevity. The product is available in color temperatures from: 3000K-6000K.


Brownouts and energy shortages plagued a hospital, served by an overstressed utility company. This caused them to rely upon costly generator energy, accelerating wear on expensive equipment.

To reduce energy consumption, the Plant Operations engineers determined to retrofit the property with LED lighting. The hospital had one thousand (1,000) 2×4’ fluorescent fixtures, each with three tubes.

The engineers discovered that by installing LED Corporations’ new retrofits, they were able to cut energy consumption from 95,000 watts down to 28,000 watts – a reduction of 71%. – energy that could now be reserved for life-saving medical equipment.

Most importantly, the hospital is able to realize a payback period, or Return on Investment (ROI) of just 1.2 years, leaving decades of pure energy and maintenance savings.

As a bonus, the quality of light was much improved. They were able to eliminate headaches and illnesses associated with flickering fluorescents. A clear win-win for the engineers at this hospital.


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Richard Betancourt
posted on January 12, 2015 Reply

Where in the unit is the power supply located?
Is it possible to buy the unit WITHOUT its own power supply? Location where these lights are to be used is already wired for low voltage DC.

Thank You


LED Corporations
posted on January 12, 2015 Reply

The Power Supply is external so you may place it where you like we also produce the product without its own power supply.. Richard please give us a call we would be happy to explain it to you.. (800) 560-7850

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