LED Parking Lot Lights: 5 Reasons LED Retrofits Rule

LED Parking Lot Lights: 5 Reasons LED Retrofits Rule

LED Parking Lot Lights: 5 Reasons LED Retrofits Rule

There are many benefits to using LED retrofits over standard HID bulbs. A typical return on investment (ROI) report shows that energy consumption is reduced by a whopping 75%. When all the facts and options are considered and presented, upgrading to area lighting becomes a true no-brainer. Then your choice comes down to whether you should replace your high-intensity discharge (HID) fixtures, or would retrofit street lights be the better option?

LED Parking Lot Lights retrofits

Here are five reasons you should consider LED retrofits:

  1. Use existing fixtures – Are your current fixtures in good shape? Will they last at least 10 more years? If so, retrofits may be your perfect option. Retrofits, like the ones made by LED Corporations, are custom manufactured to the dimensions of your fixtures, ensuring a professional, custom fit. And by using only the highest quality diodes and drivers, LED Corporations confidently and unconditionally warranties their retrofits for ten years (although they will likely last much longer.) Another benefit: less waste. Disposal fees for old fixtures add to the cost of any project.
  2. Easy to install – Replacing fixtures can be heavy, time-consuming labor. Imagine replacing 370 fixtures weighing 75-to-150 lbs each. Not only must you wrestle down the old fixture, you’ll need to mount the new fixture into place. LED parking lot light retrofit typically weigh less than 10 lbs. By removing the reflector and ballast in the existing fixture, then installing the driver and the custom-manufactured plate, you have amazing results within 15 minutes.
  3. Flexibility – Of course you can choose the color temperature or Kelvin range, but with LED Corporations retrofit you can select your preferred wattage output. The retrofits are comprised of diode clusters called solstices. These solstices come in two sizes: small and large. Dip-switches on the face of the solstice allow you to choose the level of lumens needed for the project. The small solstice (which measures 4-5/8” across) has an output capacity of 30 Watts, 40 Watts, 50 Watts and 60 Watts. That’s equivalent to 120-to-250 Watts HID. The larger solstice measures just over 6” across and provides wattage output options from 70W to 135W (equivalent to 300-to-540 Watts HID). Multiple solstices on a plate produce even greater lumens and can even be used in mast lighting.
  4. Dimmable – The solstices used by LED Corporations for their retrofits can be programmed to dim after five hours, further reducing energy consumption. A timer can be set to reduce watts by up to 75%.
  5. No permit needed – Obtaining permits can add weeks and months to a project. Although not all parking lot fixture projects require permits, your odds of needing a permit are greatly enhanced when you remove and replace the entire fixture. Not so with retrofits, because you’re using existing fixtures. Because many parking lots have older fixtures, local authorities may have changed the height and wind-load requirements. This adds complexity and bureaucracy to the project and can easily be side-stepped by using the existing fixtures. By installing retrofits, regulations and requirements are grandfathered in.

Here’s a bonus reason to use LED Corporations retrofits: they are made in the USA. This is important because many state and federal projects require materials that are produced in the United States.

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