Phillips Luxeon LED Street Lighting is being installed in New York City Garment District

Phillips Luxeon LED Street Lighting is being installed in New York City Garment District

The Fashion Center New York is getting a LED Street Lighting Makeover by LED Corporations, Inc.

led street lightsLED Corporations, Inc. is pleased to announce that over 370 of the company’s high efficiency, Phillips Luxeon® LED-based street lighting are being installed in the Garment District, Manhattan borough of New York City, also known as the Fashion District for fashion manufacturing in the United States, and even the world. The whole Garment Center that lies between Fifth Avenue and Ninth Avenue, from 34th to 42nd Street will soon take advantage of the heighten brightness emitted by 300 watts of Philips Luxeon® l e d lights-based street lights which are “Made in USA” and distributed by LED Corporations, Inc.

Barbara Blair Randall, president of the Fashion Center Business Improvement District. said “The Garment District is not only filled with fabulous hotels, trendy dining and nightlife spots, and creative tenants – it is also one of the most environmentally sustainable neighborhoods in New York City … we initiated the project with our electrical contractor and LED Corporations to replace the existing energy-wasting, antiquated street lighting with a more reliable intelligent roadway luminary system.” Phillips Luxeon® L E D -based street lighting will improve light efficacy, brightness, luminance, heat dissipation on pedestrian traffic flow while reducing operating expense and service lifespan.
Anthony Florence, President of LED Corporations added “LED Corporations adopts Philips Luxeon® proprietary patented wafer bonding process that significantly increases the surface area of connection to the anode and cathode … the result is a more reliable luminary designed to last more than 100,000 hours, environmentally green and carries a 10-year warranty.” Phillips Luxeon® LED-based street

lights replace the traditional 400 watts HIDs, eliminating the routine expense of the bucket truck will put savings straight to the bottom line.

Whether it’s LED street lighting, roadway lighting, parking garage lighting,  parking lot lighting,  commercial lighting, flood lighting or panel lighting needs, LED Corporations proprietary solid state lighting products provide the longest life. A multitude of pole and wall mounting options, various wattage and color temperatures are available to suit any aesthetic tastes on virtually all outdoor and indoor lighting needs.

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