I’m interested in commercial LED lighting. How do I proceed?



So how does this all come together?

It’s remarkably simple and amazingly cost effective. You contact us. We visit your building and inspect your premises. After that, we prepare a report that summarizes:

Our LED lighting proposal, with estimated costs and time-frames
A cost-benefit analysis including payback period
The potential for tax breaks
Our optional Green Lease Finance Program customized to meet your needs

If you’re happy about our terms being offered, we prepare a detailed project plan with time schedules and supporting contract. Assuming you’re still happy, we move directly into implementation. This could be an LED retrofit to your existing building, or a completely new installation. We’ll advise what’s best in terms of cost.


Could I borrow money from a government agency?

You may not need to. Our “Green Lease Finance Plan” includes an option where you pay for the cost of the project out of your savings. The whole transaction can be done with No Money out of Pocket. We guarantee you 3 things:

Your monthly repayments will never exceed your savings unless you decide to accelerate you payment plan.
We’ll look for ways to give you the shorter possible term
After that, the savings will be all yours to keep!


Financing commercial LED lighting projects

American businesses must go green to save on energy consumption, and to save our planet too. With your lighting contributing up to 80% of your average electricity costs, there really is no choice. If you don’t install LED commercial lighting, you lag behind your competition. It’s no secret that LED lighting is more expensive up-front – but the savings over time more than compensate for this…making a smart investment rather than a moral obligation.

Green Leasing Plan (GLP)

With our GLP, plus significant tax-breaks from the government…you can afford LED’s. And the long-term benefits are yours to keep.

How it works

We install LED lighting in your premises at an agreed price. We lease this back to you for a single monthly payment. This is guaranteed to be significantly lower than your savings on your electricity bill. Leasing Plans are structured on a case-by-case basis, where we attempt to limit the repayment term to between 1 and 3 years. One principle is always consistent. The project cost comes directly from your savings. This means there’s no up-front or out of pocket cost to you. Worked Example

The illustrative payment terms are $1,000 a month, which are off-set against your illustrative monthly energy saving of $3,000.

After the cost of the project is paid for, the LED lighting equipment is yours to keep. So is the full $3,000 monthly savings.

Sound good? Request our free, no obligation LED cost-benefit analysis today by calling (800) 560-7850.


Are There Any Grants Issued By The Government?

In a sense yes, although not directly. The Energy Policy Act’s Energy Efficient Commercial Buildings Tax Deduction Scheme could help you though. You may be able to write off your total capital costs in the year of purchase – or at least a part of the investment depending on the project scope. We’ll advise in more detail during our free, no obligation assessment, and even assist you to complete your application. Please bear in mind that the government’s offer is not open-ended. The current deadline for installing LED commercial lighting is January 1, 2014. Energy Policy Act of 2005 The EPA was devised to reduce the initial cost of investing in energy-efficient lighting and other eco-building systems via an accelerated tax deduction. Energy-efficient Commercial Buildings Tax Deduction (CBTD) Allows building owners (or tenants) to write-off the complete cost of upgrading indoor lighting, HVAC/hot water and building envelope in the year the new equipment is placed in service, capped at $1.80/sqft. Alternately, the owner (or tenant) can upgrade one of these three systems, capped at $0.60/sqft. The cost of new lighting or other building systems can be claimed in a single tax year instead of amortized over a period of years. The CBTD expiration date has been extended twice, most recently by the Energy Independence Act of 2007 (EISA). With this extension, it can be claimed for qualifying projects completed before January 1, 2014.


Now that you have your electrical supplies ready, what are some basic electrical safety tips?

Following basic safety tips is crucial- after all, you never know who worked on the wiring before you. Being unsafe involving electricity can result in injury or death.

Turn off the circuit-breaker or unplug the fuse that feeds electricity to the outlet or switch you want to work on.
Know your plugs. The narrow prong always carries electricity; the wide prong is neutral.
Clearly label wires and bend them in different directions, so that no parts of your hot wires accidently touch each other.
Check that the power is still off before you twist or splice wires together. Match color to color, don’t cross them.


Tell Me About LED Corporations?

LED Corporations is a residential and commercial supply store consisting of a variety of electrical and supply fixtures. Our merchandise offers hundreds of fixtures in a wide range to of styles to fit any large or small budget.


What are your shipping policies?

LED Corporations makes daily deliveries for customers on open account locations. We also use UPS and other common carriers; as well as direct shipments from vendors when appropriate. In most cases, orders placed before 5PM will be shipped the following day if items are in stock.


What Are Your Hours Of Operation?

Our Palm Beach Gardens location including our lighting showroom, electrical materials counter, and electrical sales office is open Monday through Friday 8AM-6PM.


So what exactly are your services?

We are one of Florida’s leading LED lighting specialists. We help business owners save money by reducing energy use due to lighting. We are also a general contractor specializing in commercial projects state-wide. This includes the design and implementation of new lighting installations, as well as retrofitting LED’s. Our clients range from smaller businesses, auto dealerships, restaurants, through to hospitals, factories and municipalities. The service is from A to Z. There are no gaps that clients have to close themselves.


That’s a good start. But how do I know that you’re not just another website?

Our office address is Suite 620, 3300 PGA Boulevard, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33410. Join us for a cup of coffee Monday to Friday between 8am and 6pm EST. It will be our pleasure to share our projects with you, and to explore your LED lighting options. You can contact us by email, or call us on (800) 560-7850 during business hours.


I like your products, but how reputable are you as a business?

LED Corporations are an initiative of Capital Construction and Development Inc. Our parent firm has more than 10 years’ experience in commercial construction and development throughout Florida. This includes $100 million on commercial projects. We are a lighting consultancy subsidiary, focusing on the government’s drive to implement LED lighting nationwide.