Anthony Florence LED Corporations Announces New LED Garage Lights

Anthony Florence LED Corporations Announces New LED Garage Lights

Anthony Florence LED Corporations Announces New LED Garage Lights

“It’s like a mini-sun!”

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FLORIDA-July 3, 2017-LED Corporations announces the release of an exciting new lighting system for garages, workshops, car parks and canopies. Available today, these LED garage Lights provide brilliant LED lighting using a quarter of the energy of standard high-intensity discharge (HID) fixtures and less than half the energy of fluorescent fixtures.

The Garage fixture provides a pleasing balance between utility and aesthetics. Its contemporary design belies its powerful, yet efficient lumen output. The circular style fixture is topped with a Type-D finned aluminum heat sink to quickly dissipate heat, ensuring many years of maintenance-free operation.

Noticing that almost all LED Garage Lights & LED Shop Lights have a cold, pragmatic look, LED Corporations president Anthony Florence of Palm Beach Gardens commissioned his team to present a design that would be pleasing to the eye without sacrificing efficiency and functionality. The team presented several options, but the ‘eureka’ moment came when Mr. Florence saw the circular design. Orders for prototypes were then submitted for production.

The fixture comes in two iterations: 40W and 60W, and can be ordered in four different color temperatures. Custom orders are welcomed, depending upon the quantities needed. The fixture is currently available with a multi-voltage driver that accommodates 120-277V input and has earned an ETL listing. Although not yet available, plans are on the drawing board for 480V options.

The engineering staff has paid careful attention to detail, adding such features as durable aluminum die-cast housing and silicon rubber gaskets to seal and protect the unit. “These features have helped our fixture earn an IP65 rating, protecting the internal components from insects, dust, and water,” says Chief Engineer Jason Ernstam. “For the lenses, we didn’t skimp. We use top quality PC material that resists decay from UV rays. Heat sinks are notoriously unattractive, so it is positioned on top of the fixture and hidden from view so it doesn’t detract from the contemporary style of the fixture,” Ernstam adds.

Another aspect of the fixture is its ease of installation, a criterion considered during the fixture’s design phase. “When retrofitting a parking garage, or any other space for that matter, a LED garage light fixture must be quick and easy to install, so that labor expenses do not drive up a project’s costs and to keep the project owner’s return on investment (ROI) as low as possible,” explains Ernstam. Also, in the extremely unlikely need for maintenance, the fixture is planned for easy access to drivers and components. If needed the entire unit can very easily be replaced.

While other LED garage lights come with five-year warranties, LED Corporations is so confident of the fixture’s design and construction that they provide a full seven-year warranty for this amazing product.

LED Corporations VP of Sales William Ofshlag recently hosted an unveiling of the new LED garage lights at corporate headquarters in Palm Beach Gardens, in which several industry insiders were invited. “Gauging the crowd reactions, we most definitely have a winner on our hands,” effused Ofshlag. “This could very well revolutionize lighting in public garages.”

Crowd comments from the well-attended event included, “It’s like a mini-sun!” and “I love the design. So much better looking than the usual LED garage lights.” Said one attendee, “You can tell by the heft this is a well-built product.”

Pricing is designed to accommodate large projects, including municipal public parking facilities, warehouses, and repair centers.

for a free consultation to determine whether this fixture is a good fit for your next project. Sample pricing is also available.

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