Beaver Manufacturing Retrofits Plant With High Output LED

Beaver Manufacturing Retrofits Plant With High Output LED

Announces 71% Reduction Of Energy Consumption


Mansfield, Georgia-July7th, 2015Beaver Manufacturing Company announced today that lighting retrofits to their vaunted WAREHOUSE #3 is complete.  Not only have factory floor light levels improved by 22% using next generation LED technology, they have reduced energy consumption by 71% over standard fluorescent tubes.


The accomplishment signals a trend in manufacturing where light levels and color rendering are imperative.  “I was the most skeptical one at the start of this project,” claims  Mike Hall, project manager with Ozburn Electrical Contractors of Covington, Georgia. “Once we’d installed half the building, the contrast was amazing. Instead of the reddish fluorescent pall, the light provided by the LEDs make the true colors much more discernible. And it’s amazing that we’re getting foot-candle readings greater than 20% over the fluorescents with just a quarter of the energy.”


 Ease Of Installation

Hall says his team was able to easily retrofit each troffer within 10 minutes and in as little as five.  The entire project was completed while the plant was shut down the week of July 4th in observance of Independence Day.  


After a rigorous evaluation of several LED options, the principals at Beaver Manufacturing Company chose proprietary high output tubes manufactured by LED Corporations in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. ( “Of course, we’re extremely proud to be chosen for this important project,” says Senior Account Manager Kevin Windle. “Our company’s high output LED product line achieves a DLC verified 140-to-155 lumens per watt (lm/w) as opposed to the 90-100 lm/w of standard LED tubes, which contributes to the popularity of these products particularly in manufacturing applications.”  Windle has  also introduced his proprietary high output products to Pratt & Whitney, as well as other manufacturers.


Beaver Manufacturing Company is the premier global converter of aramid yarns for hose applications for over 40 years, with an emphasis on quality.  LED Corporations is a leading manufacturer and wholesaler of LED lamps, fixtures and retrofits under the leadership of Anthony Florence, President.  


About LED Corporations

LED Corporations  is a full service electrical and LED lighting manufacturer serving the United States for over 10 years. Over the years LED Corporations has been the leading supplier of quality Commercial LED lighting and LED electrical products. We specialize in high-efficiency Commercial lighting as well as LED lighting consulting. Our products include a wide array of LED Lighting to meet any lighting requirement with the highest quality components available.

LED Corporations is headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. For more information see Contact LED Corporations, Public Relations (800) 560-7850 ;


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