Downtown At The Gardens Reaches ROI With LED Retrofits

Downtown At The Gardens Reaches ROI With LED Retrofits

“Over $6,000 Per Month in Energy Savings”

Dateline – January 9, 2015 – PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL – LED Corporations congratulates Lee Yokota, Facilities Director, Downtown at the Gardens retail complex that houses a collection of shops and restaurants such as cheesecake factory,  for reaching his return on investment (ROI) date after installing LED parking lot lighting just 19 months ago.  “We were exceedingly pleased after installing LED Corporations’ Phillip Luxeon retrofits,” says Mr. Yokota, “not only by the enhanced security and dramatic improvement to the appearance of the property at night but by the tremendous savings in energy costs – over $6,000 per month.  The fact that we haven’t had spend one dime on maintenance all this time is icing on the cake.”


“Lee and Berman Enterprises made a fantastic decision by choosing our Phillips Luxeon retrofits,” says LED Corporations President Anthony Florence. “Our Phillips retrofits are top of the line products, made in the USA and covered by our 10-Year Warranty.  Plus with a ZERO LIGHT LOSS rating of 70,000 hours, these lights will be as bright in fifteen years as the day they were installed.”

Mr. Yokota expressed his thanks to the LED Corporations team, specifically to your project manager for her tireless efforts in bringing the program to successful fruition.  He also states, “Our security camera system works much better with the LED lighting than they did with the metal halides. I would not hesitate to recommend LED Corporations to any company looking to decrease their energy costs and updating their lighting.”

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Anthony Florence is the founder and chief executive officer of LED Corporations and Green Energy Advisors in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Applying his successful experiences from past enterprises (particularly in the areas of electrical contracting, Internet marketing and telecommunications) Mr. Anthony Florence has led his company to become an industry forerunner in LED innovation and wholesale distribution.  Under Mr. Florence’s guidance, LED Corporations has doubled revenue year over year and is on track to be one of the leading LED companies in the industry.

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Downtown At The Gardens

Stylish venue conveniently located Palm Beach Gardens Fl Close to West Palm Beach Fl is seeing monthly Savings of over $6,000 by utilizing LED Corporations Street Light Retrofits. The existing light + ballast Was drawing approximately 1,150 watts producing 13 foot candles beneath the light. After the retrofit, they’re only using 290 watts while producing 18-foot candles.

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Downtown At The Gardens



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