LED Corporations LED Bay Lights Boosts Energy Savings up to 80% over conventional HIDs

LED Corporations LED Bay Lights Boosts Energy Savings up to 80% over conventional HIDs

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Florida – August 13, 2013 – LED Corporations latest offering, 360 LED Bay Lights push the efficacy envelope. The latest iteration of this bay light classic provides brighter, longer-lasting light that accentuates cost-saving advantages. By employing advanced optics the new 360 LED Bay Lights produces foot-candle and lumens on the ground that exceeds metal halide and high-pressure sodium lamps.  Along with reduced maintenance costs (the 360 LED Bay Lights are rated to last beyond 10 years) make LED technology an even more exciting alternative.

LLED Bay LightsED Corporations signature product, 360 LED Bay Lights are in demand for Cold Storage Lighting, Warehouse / Distribution Center Lighting, Manufacturing Lighting, Commercial Lighting and Retail Lighting. 360 LED Bay Lights replace a range of High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting systems and four to eight-lamp T5 / T8 high-intensity fluorescent lighting which heats up to 120 degrees at ceiling heights.  LED Corporations President, Anthony Florence says, “One of the reasons we’re especially excited about our 360 series is that these fixtures do not heat up even as much as earlier models and have interchangeable mounting panels to convert them to LED garage Lights,  LED Street Lights, LED Parking lot Lights, LED Flood Lights and LED High Bay Lights. LED Lighting will decrease the need for air conditioning by as much as 20%. These savings on the electric bill can be factored into ROI.”

LED Bay Lights are more energy efficient. They use smaller watts of power (30W to 200W) than other lights and flicker free, starts instantly, turns on or off repeatedly without problem or degeneration. Fluorescent lighting can emit a great deal of flickering causing issues with personnel and contain mercury toxins. When LED Bay Lighting is used, you can expect better light distribution in the work environment.

FREE COMMERCIAL LED ENERGY AUDIT – Get a FREE ENERGY audit from LED Corporations. They can show you how to SAVE up to 70% on your electric bill.  LED Corporations will make sure you take advantage of Utility REBATES & tax INCENTIVES programs available to your business by the Local Utility provider.  100% of the time your rebate and incentive dollars can assist with your pay back or even pay off your pay back.

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