LED Flood Lighting - outdoor led lighting

LED Flood Lights

LED Flood Lighting for Safe outdoor lighting, brightly illuminating outdoor spaces, parks, gardens, landscape, bike paths, parking lots, and entrances to increase visitor safety, deter crime and discourage vandalism.

LED security lights & Floodlights are also a fantastic alternative for increasing sign highlighting and billboard displays. Our LED Floodlight fixtures and LED flood light fittings will provide robust energy efficient LED illumination for literally thousands and thousands of hours.

Our energy efficient LED flood lights for area lighting provides greater visibility and safety while reducing your outdoor lighting expenses. Get our Flood lights, Spotlights or Area Lighting to fit your next outdoor lighting project.

Is Your Outdoor LED Flood Light Bulb Bright Enough?

Whether it’s for saving money on power or being environmentally aware lots of individuals have already switched to energy saving LED light bulbs for their outside lights saving thousands of dollars annually on their electricity bill.

Since most people are still used to thinking of light output concerning watts, here is a cheat sheet to give you an idea of the typical lumens required for various outdoor LED light fixtures.

HID Lighting To LED Outdoor Light Wattage Conversion
HID Watts To LED Wattage Applications
70W HID = 30W LED Fixture Outdoor Path Lighting
100W HID = 30 To 40W LED Fixture Landscape Spotlights
150W HID = 40W To 60W LED Fixture Outdoor Lamp Posts
250W HID = 60W To 80W LED Fixture Park Lamp Posts
400W HID = 100 To 150W LED Fixture Bike Paths
750W HID = 180 To 225W LED Fixture Parking Lots
1000W HID = 300 To 400W LED Fixture LED Flood Lights Outdoor 
1500W HID = 500W LED Fixture Security Floodlights