LED Bay Lighting

There are lots of features that separate models and LED bay lighting.  We have a reputation for excellence achieved through years of superior and innovative bay light design that has enabled them to outperform other models without difficulty.  LED high bay lights are specifically designed for taller ceilings and larger spaces.  Bay Lighting focuses on creating powerful illumination.  This makes them ideal for industrial and commercial applications such as retail store and warehouse lighting.  While there are many options when it comes to installing LED bay lighting fixtures on your property, choosing LED bulb technology will give a better experience that you will never regret.

LED High Bay / Low Bay

Previously, high-intensity discharge (HID) light bulbs were the light source of choice for big, high-ceiling environments like factories, warehouses, gymnasiums, and big box retail stores. First replaced with CFL fluorescents, LED bay lighting is the choice available on the market. Designed for storage facilities, recreation centers, hangars, and warehouse lighting, visibility and worker safety improves. LED high bay fixtures & Low Bay are immediate on and do not lose life hours from continuous on-off cycles the way metal halide (HID) fixtures do.

Recommended Kelvin: 5500 For Bright Clean Light