LED Corn bulbs

LED Corn Bulbs / Corn Cob Bulbs

About LED Corn light Bulbs, Corn Cob LED lights (also called “Maize LEDs” or “Corn LEDs”) are named for their look, with rows of LED’s “Light Emitting Diodes” on all sides of the supporting tube like shape. This gives the fixture the look of corn kernels still on the cob of corn. When the lights are turned on, however, they become super bright, very effective replacements for HID lamps, like high-pressure sodium & metal halide bulbs. You can use them in applications and locations like high bay lighting, parking lots, and street lighting, places where you would have used HID lighting in the past. Like all LED options, corn cob LED bulbs to give you instant on lighting, which you can’t say about HID lighting. LED lighting is also mercury free.  Best of all, LED Lighting pays for itself very quickly.

These LED corn lights can be found in a wide selection of color temperatures (CCT) (Kelvin) in very warm white light resembling the color of high-pressure sodium bulbs 2700 CCT  to daylight white light 5500 CCT.  To better customize your project, we carry a huge array of beam angle choices and base types. LED LED corn bulbs are best for applications such as enclosed pole top, shoeboxes, and typical HID fixtures.  Do not know which light bulb you want?  Reach out to our engineering in house staff today!