LED Garage Lights & LED Shop Lights

LED Garage Lights & Garage Lighting Ideas

LED Garage lights will be at their best by using our low profile surface mount LED garage ceiling lights. Safety And Security are key for your parking garage. As a rule of thumb, You can easily replace your HID lighting fixtures with an easy exchange of our parking garage lights or LED shop lights. Why use LED strips? Typically you can replace a 175W High-Intensity Discharge Parking garage light or shop lights with a 25W LED parking garage light, to create all around bright LEDs illumination for an environment that’s shadow free, safe, secure and brightly lit.

You may even install motion sensors in some of these light fixtures to be more energy efficient, ensure your space is optimized for security and energy efficiency with bright clean energy efficient Parking garage lighting.

                                                             Type: Commercial Lighting – LED Garage Lighting

Suggested Light Output Level: 3000lm to 8000lm                 Suggested CCT Color Temperature:  4500k to 5500k Gives Bright Clean Light