Recessed Lighting

LED Recessed Lighting Types

Recessed lights are flush with the ceiling, which makes them excellent for rooms with low ceilings.  Occasionally called can lighting or LED downlights, recessed lighting has three major elements: the home, the trimming and the light bulb (or lamp).  Use recessed lighting from the bathroom, kitchen, living area or office.

The housing is the light fixture.  It sits within the ceiling and retains the trim and the light bulb.

Different styles of LED recessed lighting trim

  1. Construction New home’s is used in new houses or if adding a room on your home before the ceiling has been installed.
  2. Remodeling home is utilized to install recessed lighting within a present ceiling.
  3. Insulation Contact (IC)-rated home was created so that surrounding insulation isn’t disturbed.
  4. Non-IC home has to be installed with insulation at least 3 inches away from the can.
  5. Airtight casing lowers the airflow between the distance over (usually the loft) and the space under the lighting fixture.
  6. Shallow ceiling home is utilized in ceilings with 2-inch by 6-inch joists.   Check angles!