LED troffers

LED Troffers

LED Troffers a staple of commercial lighting, troffers are used in classrooms, offices, hospitals, and as LED garage lights. These fittings are put recessed into the ceiling typically in a grid pattern to provide bright even light, however, a few fixtures allow for suspension mounting. Troffers arrive in an indirect lighting or parabolic choices and in many different sizes including 1×4, 2×4, and 2×2. Fluorescent fixtures and LED ready fixtures to permit you to pick which tube lights you need to use.

Fluorescent troffers are a frequent source of workplace lighting, as well as the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) setting higher regulations and standards for light, fluorescent tubes are more energy efficient than ever. However, fluorescent troffers have less of a lifespan & increased Lumen depreciation than LEDs. Since Lumen output declines, the tube lighting must be replaced not to interfere with employee productivity. Fluorescent troffers also have ballast failure.

LED troffers, both LED ready and electric replacements, last more than electrical fittings and do not depreciate Lumens as fast, so they need less maintenance. You can easily discover LED troffers that maintain at least 69 percent of the first Lumens for 100,000 hours possibly more. LEDs also use less electricity than other light choices which can help you save money on energy costs. Our LED troffers run off line voltage through direct wire installation to remove issues with ballasts.

Ready to upgrade to LED but not prepared for the cost of changing out all of your fittings? Hybrid LED tube lights can operate with or without a ballast. Provided that you locate an LED tube compatible with your fluorescent ballast, LED lighting is as simple as replacing a light bulb. When the ballast from the fixture fails, disconnecting the ballast and wiring the tube directly to the line voltage permits you to continue to utilize the hybrid tubes.

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