LED wall pack fixtures

LED Wall packs will be the most frequently used commercial exterior lighting fittings used now. LED Wall packs are all durable light fixtures which are installed in outside places of commercial buildings. Replacing very low efficiency kinds of lamps types like Fluorescent, Metal Halide, high Pressure Sodium and Induction lights utilized in all old fashion wall pack fixtures. LED wall packs are effective at creating bright lighting even in harsh environments which have snow, rain, high humidity, Salt Spray and sleet. All of our wall packs comprise durable housings which are rated for wet places because of a completely sealed and gasketed layout.

LED wall packs are somewhat different from more conventional kinds of light since they need to light a large area when resisting the elements and other kinds of abuse that are generally experienced in outside places. Wall Packs are on pretty much every industrial warehouse, office building, church, school, parking garage, landscape and regions where a commercial lighting fixture is necessary. Also used with other lighting sources like parking lot pole lights, outside flood lights and outside security lights are fantastic for security lighting and security light. Now’s the time to Retrofit your older design wall packs to power efficient LED wall packs