18W LED Corn Light

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20W LED Corn Light CE ROHS
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This bulb replaces 100W incandescent bulbs with ease and is suitable for street lights, wall packs, pole tops, sconces, and bollards. Features active cooling fan for maximum life and utility.
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Our 18W corn bulb easily produces lumens equivalent to a 100W incandescent bulb.  Sturdy, stable construction and 360° light coverage makes it a popular choice for walkway lighting and post top retrofits.   Choice of socket selections and color temperatures allows flexibility for multiple applications.  Backed by a 5-Year Warranty from LED Corporations, this bulb is rated for 50,000 hours of use.  Choice of color temperatures include warm (3000-3500K), neutral (4000-4500K) and daylight (5000-5500K).  This bulb measures 12.6” in length and 3.5” wide.


Descriptions Watt Base Beam Lumens Input Voltage Dimensions LED Chip Certificates
12W LED Corn Light 12W Medium/Mogul 360° 960LM AC100-277V 3.5 × 12.6 In LG SMD CE ROHS
18W LED Corn Light 18W Medium/Mogul 360° 1440LM AC100-277V 3.5 × 12.6 In LG SMD CE ROHS
20W LED Corn Light 20W Medium/Mogul 360° 1600LM AC100-277V 3.5 × 12.6 In LG SMD CE ROHS
25W LED Corn Light 25W Medium/Mogul 360° 2000LM AC100-305V 3.1 x 9.6 In Samsung CE ROHS LM79
30W LED Corn Light 30W Medium/Mogul 360° 2400LM AC100-305V 3.15 x 8.35 In LG SMD CE, ROHS
35W LED Corn Light 35W Medium/Mogul 360° 2800LM AC100-305V 3.15 x 9.6 In Samsung CE ROHS LM79 UL Listed Cul
45W LED Corn Light 45W Medium/Mogul 360° 3600LM AC100-305V 3.1 x 9.6 In Samsung CE ROHS LM79 UL Listed Cul

18W LED Corn Light


  • Three Year Warranty
  • Lifespan:50,000hrs
  • Up to 80% in Energy Savings
  • High Lumen Efficacy
  • Active cooling fan for better heat dissipation and lifespan
  • Power Factor of >0.095; HD of 20%
  • Easy to Install
  • Base: E27/E26/G24/Gx23-2/GU10
  • No Flickering or Humming
  • Environment Friendly, No Radiation, Mercury, or any harmful elements
  • Beam Angle: 360°



LED Corn Light 18WV1
LED Corn Lighting
PART# LC-CRN-18W-122


Houses, Offices, Hotels, Warehouses, Wholesale Stores, etc

LED Corn Bulb in Factory
LED Corn Bulb in Gymnasium
LED Corn Light in Hanger

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