RGB LED Landscape Lights 9W/Steel Base

SKU: LC-LND-9W-184

9W RGB Spiked Landscape light
Our 9W RGB LED Landscape Lights can accentuate any buildings, palm trees, signs, and other landscape light applications with the right color light.
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Our 9W RGB Landscape Lights come with a full five-year warranty and are rated for 50,000 hours for the peace of mind that they will endure years of service. They can accentuate any buildings, palm trees, signs, and other landscape light applications with dazzling RGB Effects. Expect excellent performance from these Edison chips at 24V DC.

RGB Landscape lighting today is reduced voltage and with great reason. Unlike systems that are 120-volt, it’s less expensive to install and safer to work with. And though one-tenth the power is received by lights, as a result of the transformer, there is no limit to the effects outdoor LED landscape lighting can attain, from moonlight beamed down to a shine that washes over a very low garden wall. Choosing the perfect hardware, a lighting scheme that is pleasing is also about artistry.


Descriptions Lumens Beam Angle Voltage Led Chip Dimensions LEDs Warranty
LED Landscape Lights 3W White  60LM 15°/30°/45° 12V DC Edison 2.4″X4.3″ 1 pc white 5 Years
RGB Landscape Lights 9W  130LM 25°/40°/60° 24V DC Edison 3.9″X5.1″ 3 pcs RGB 5 Years
18W RGB Landscape Lights 303LM 25°/40°/60° 24V DC Edison 4.7″X6.6″ 6 pcs RGB 5 Years


  • Energy saving LED Landscape Lights
  • Edison LED Chips
  • Environment Friendly
  • Five Year Warranty
  • Colour Rendering Index (CRI) >7 0
  • Working Temperature -20°F to +50° C
  • Aluminum housing & steel base
  • 7″ spike included
  • Lifespan: 50,000 hours
  • Outdoor IP Rating: IP65


RGB LED Landscape Lights dimensions

Spec Sheet

9W RGB LED Landscape Lights spec sheets

RGB Landscape Lights 9W


Perfect for buildings, palm trees, signs, parks, or other landscape light applications.

RGB LED Landscape Lights 9W uplighting Trees RGB LED Landscape Lights 9W Building in Delray beach RGB LED Landscape Lights 9w Large Park

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