22W 2×2 LED Troffer Emergency Battery Backup UL

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Descriptions Watts Dimensions Lumens Dimmable Voltage LED Source Cert
22W Troffer Emergency Battery Back Up 22W 2″x2″ 2000LM Yes 100-285V Epistar UL Approved
34W Dimmable Troffer 34W 2″x2″ 3000LM Yes 100-285V Epistar UL Approved
34W Troffer Emergency Battery Back Up 34W 2″x2″ 3000LM Yes 100-285V Epistar UL Approved
32W Dimmable Troffer 32W 2″x4″ 2800LM Yes 100-285V Epistar UL Approved
47W Troffer Emergency Battery Back Up  47W 2″x4″ 4000LM Yes 100-285V Epistar UL Approved
47W Dimmable Troffer 47W 2″x4″ 4000LM Yes 100-285V Epistar UL Approved

22W 2×2  LED Troffer Emergency Battery Backup UL


Our 22W, LED troffer, sometimes referred to as a “panel-type” ceiling light, is offered with several operational features to choose from.

This particular “dropped ceiling only” application includes all the basic functions one would come to expect in such a refined, dependable and functional lighting product – – but this model also includes a two hour emergency battery backup pack in case of power failure emergencies. This additional capability enables the light to continue operation when the safety of all those individuals affected by the light’s normal illumination performance cannot be compromised whenever an unanticipated electrical “blackout” event takes place. This feature might be most appealing to those in the medical profession, educational facilities, and all public gathering areas.

Some of the many included basic features in this LED product, along with the two hour emergency backup option, include:

  • Top-of-the-line, highly dependable Epistar LED light semiconductor chips.

  • Highest standards of excellence as evidenced by the UL (Underwriters Laboratories) and DLC ( environmental-friendly DesignLights Consortium) certifications/ listings as endorsed by insurance agencies and the United States EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

  • Compact, lightweight 2FT x 2FT configuration for versatile installation options.

  • Environmental, Green Energy friendly – – no mercury or lead as evident in fluorescent bulbs.

  • Delivers 2000LM (lumens) at 22W of electrical power consumption.

  • Lighting efficacy equals 85 lumens per watt.

  • 3,000, 4,000 or 5,000K (kelvins) of color temperature.

  • 80+ CRI (color rendering index).

  • 100-277VAC universal voltage input – – eliminates blow-outs from incorrect voltage application.

  • Designed and manufactured to last 50,000 hours of use.

  • Superb heat dissipation with room-side heat sink process.

  • Excellent choice for hospitals, retail/department stores, offices, hotel lobbies, government buildings, health centers, etc..

  • 105 degree LED lens light beam angle.

  • 3.8 kilograms (8.38 pounds) weight.

  • Light fixture overall metric dimensions = 603mm x 603mm x 116mm.

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