2×4/47W LED Dimmable Troffer W Battery Back Up UL

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2x4 47W LED Troffer 2 Hour Emergency Backup
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Descriptions Watts Dimensions Lumens Dimmable Voltage LED Source Cert
22W Troffer Emergency Battery Back Up 22W 2″x2″ 2000LM Yes 100-285V Epistar UL Approved
34W Dimmable Troffer 34W 2″x2″ 3000LM Yes 100-285V Epistar UL Approved
34W Troffer Emergency Battery Back Up 34W 2″x2″ 3000LM Yes 100-285V Epistar UL Approved
32W Dimmable Troffer 32W 2″x4″ 2800LM Yes 100-285V Epistar UL Approved
47W Troffer Emergency Battery Back Up  47W 2″x4″ 4000LM Yes 100-285V Epistar UL Approved
47W Dimmable Troffer 47W 2″x4″ 4000LM Yes 100-285V Epistar UL Approved


2×4 47W LED Dimmable Troffer With Emergency Battery Back Up UL

 LED Corporations, Inc.’s 2FT×4FT, 47W LED troffer light fixture – – with two hour emergency battery backup capability – – mimics its smaller 22W and 34W brothers within our family of ceiling lamps that offer added reliable illumination security in the event unexpected emergency situations occur.

This luminaire fixture presents a stylish, architecturally pleasing engineering layout. It maximizes bright luminance delivery for business, educational and commercial applications while at the same time generating a calm, non-harsh ceiling reflection. This uniform effect is best achieved by optimizing all the light output from its latest, innovative onboard LED technology. Rather than wastefully throwing half of the emitted light upward onto the ceiling area – – as is the case with the 360 degree-emitting fluorescent tube lights – – the LEDs’ digital semiconductor light is ingeniously channeled in a downward direction of 105 degrees via individual “beam angle” lenses that surround each individual LED lighting chip in each T8 style light tube.

Economical operation, green-energy-friendliness and highest quality Epistar brand LEDs – – in concert with reliable and efficient LED solid-state drivers – – serve as added embellishments in the overall goal to attain prolonged use (up to 50,000 hours, which under normal operating circumstances, should allow a 10+ years functional life before easily accessible LED bulb replacement).

This 2×4, 47W LED troffer w/2 hour emergency backup is a game-changer – – as well as a potential life-saver in the event of a blackout-generated emergency – – when it comes to reliability and a work-horse type of lighting application. Some of its many other appealing qualities are:

• Perfect application fits include: learning institutions, healthcare centers, corporate offices, hotels, automobile showrooms, restaurants, retail and department stores, shopping centers and supermarkets.

• Multi-voltage capability (100-285VAC) prevents incorrect electrical input connection.

• UL (Underwriters Laboratories) and DLC (environmental-friendly DesignLights Consortium) certifications/ ratings.

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