LED Strip Lights 36W-44W/4-2′

SKU: LC-TRF-36W-44W-719

LED 36W-44W Fluorescent Retrofit..
LED 36W-44W Fluorescent RetrofitLED 36W-44W Fluorescent RetrofitLED 36W-44W Fluorescent Retrofit.LED 36W-44W Fluorescent Retrofit
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Descriptions Watts Product Description Lumens Dimmable Voltage Cert
9W-22W LED Strip Lights 9, 12, 14, 18, 22W 2-2′ strips, 1-Driver 3080LM Non-Dimmable 100-277V cUL Listed/DLC
12W-36W LED Strip Lights 12, 14, 18, 22, 28, 36W 3-2′ strips, 1-Driver 5040LM Non-Dimmable 100-277V cUL Listed/DLC
18W-44W LED Strip Lights 18, 22, 28, 36, 44W 4-2′ strips, 1-Driver 6160LM Non-Dimmable 100-277V cUL Listed/DLC
22W-72W LED Strip Lights 22, 28, 36, 44, 72W 6-2′ strips, 1-Driver 10080LM Non-Dimmable 100-277V cUL Listed/DLC
44W-88W LED Strip Lights 44, 72, 88W 8-2′ strips, 1-Driver 12320LM Non-Dimmable 100-277V cUL Listed/DLC
20W LED Strip Lights 20W 2-2′ strips, 1-Driver 3080LM Dimmable 100-277V cUL Listed/DLC
20W-36W LED Strip Lights 20, 36W 3-2′ strips, 1-Driver 5040LM Dimmable 100-277V cUL Listed/DLC
36W-44W LED Strip Lights 36, 44W 4-2′ strips, 1-Driver 6160LM Dimmable 100-277V cUL Listed/DLC
36W-72W LED Strip Lights 36, 44, 72W 6-2′ strips, 1-Driver 10080LM Dimmable 100-277V cUL Listed/DLC
36W-88W LED Strip Lights 36, 44, 72, 88W 8-2′ strips, 1-Driver 12320LM Dimmable 100-277V cUL Listed/DLC

LED Strip Lights 36W-44W

Using the ultra high efficacy LEDs and power tools created for our ‘best-in-class’ tube lights, we provide a direct, field installable LED retrofit kit that provides among the easiest to install and most inexpensive lighting upgrade now.

Employing a direct fusing between the aluminum core PCB carrying the LEDs along with the low profile strip extrusion ensures that the cheapest LED at Situ TMP reading we have ever seen in a high-performance LED lighting method. Dependent on the data collections, the Energy Star point that is calculated is higher than 240,000 hours.

Built with premium components, the MTBF score on the LED drivers is significantly higher than 140,000 hours. Available in 0-10V dimming Replacement Warranty.

With such amount of quality, efficiency and cool operating temperatures, we are able to supply a complete system replacement guarantee for a whole ten decades and 100,000 hours said lifetime free of pro-rating of an exhaustive list of exclusions.Fast, simple installation, only one tool required.

The system was designed to reduce installation time and complexity. Liberty to find the LED strips and the driver enables, optimizing the fit for each program the strips are only positioned by the installer in as desired in the fixture and illuminates three TEK screws using a cordless driver. This provides a positive attachment while the extrusion guarantees exceptional thermal control.

In 5 easy steps, the retrofit is complete.

Remove Present tubes and ballast
Install fresh LED Driver
Fasten the fixture
Connect jumpers to the PCB Board
Connect input power
Setup time is less than 10 minutes each fixture!

Fluorescent Retrofit’s


36W-44W LED Fluorescent Retrofit 4-2' Strips spec sheets
36W-44W LED Fluorescent Retrofit 4-2′ Strips
PART# LC-TRF-36W-44W-719

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