LED Freezer Tubes 9W/2FT/T8/1Pin

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LED Freezer Tube lights 9W/14W/18W/22W/26W/2FT/3FT/4FT/5FT/6FT/8FT/1-Pin/UL High Quality
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Use in grocery stores, convenience stores, walk-in refrigerators, freezers, and applications where brighter light is needed for a more attractive presentation of merchandise.  9-Watt 2-foot LED tube replaces standard 17-Watt 2-foot fluorescent tube.
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T8 Extra-wide 240° beam angle bathes coolers, freezer and refrigeration units in rich (>80 CRI) luminance. Delivers 110-130 lumens per watt for ultimate energy efficiency. Includes an external multi-voltage (100~277VAC) driver. An aluminum board, Thermal Grease and aluminum housing efficiently dissipate heat for long life and color consistency. Available with either frosted or clear lenses, color temperatures from 2700K to 7000K, and assorted pin configurations.


Descriptions Length Driver Watt Led Chip Lumens Beam Angle Working Voltage Certification
9W Freezer Tube Light 2FT External 9W Epistar 945LM 240° AC100~277V UL Listed
14W Freezer Tube Light 3FT External 14W Epistar 1470LM 240° AC100~277V UL Listed
18W Freezer Tube Light 4FT External 18W Epistar 1890LM 240° AC100~277V UL Listed
22W Freezer Tube Light 5FT External 22W Epistar 2310LM 240° AC100~277V UL Listed
24W Freezer Tube Light 6FT External 24W Epistar 2520LM 240° AC100~277V UL Listed
36W Freezer Tube Light 8FT External 36W Epistar 3780LM 240° AC100~277V UL Listed

LED Freezer Tubes 9W/2FT/T8/1Pin


  • Energy saving LED tube Lights
  • Epistar 3528SMD LED source, High Luminous efficient
  • UL Isolated Driver, Lifespan up to 50,000 hours
  • Aluminum housing + PC Cover ( Clear/ Frosted)
  • Available caps: G13 /Fa8 /R17D
  • High quality material, excellent in heat dissipation
  • Universal Inpaut voltage: AC100-277V
  • Environment friendly, no UV or IR radiation, no mercury


LED Freezer Tubes 9W/2FT/T8/1Pin  Diagram

Spec Sheet

LED Freezer Tubes 9W/2FT/T8/1Pin  spec sheet

LED Freezer Tube Light

6W 2FT T8 1 Pin LED Freezer Tube light clear milky or fosted lens

6W 2FT T8 1 Pin LED Freezer Tube light available pin configurations

6W 2FT T8 1 Pin LED Freezer Tube light ballest


Suitable Lighting for Grocery Store Freezers, Walk-in Coolers, Restaurants, Bars, and many other applications.

9W 2FT T8 1 Pin LED Freezer Tube light grocery store application 9W 2FT T8 1 Pin LED Freezer Tube light freezer application 9W 2FT T8 1 Pin LED Freezer Tube light case configuration

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