Bulkhead Light 20W/LED/Half Cover/Black

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Our LED Bulkhead can be widely adopted for various applications. Rated for 50,000 hours and ETL certified.
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Our LED Bulkhead light is ideal for use in elegant architectures. Fitted in a heat dissipating housing, this LED light is available with a Motion Sensor, Emergency Battery Backup, or both options. With an IP rating of 65, you can feel confident that these LED luminaires will be dependable for years of use in both outdoor or indoor applications. Enhance any wall with these attractive LED Bulkhead lights while saving up to 80% in energy costs.


Description Watts Lumens Dimensions Rated Life LED Chip Voltage Certifications
10W LED Bulkhead Light 10W 900LM 11.02″x3.07″ 50,000 Hours CREE AC85V~265V ETL
20W LED Bulkhead Light 20W 1800LM 11.02″x3.07″ 50,000 Hours CREE AC85V~265V ETL

Options by SKU

  • LC-WLP-20W-997: 20W Base Model
  • LC-WLP-20W-998: 20W Base Model with Motion Sensor
  • LC-WLP-20W-999: 20W Base Model with Emergency Battery Backup
  • LC-WLP-20W-1000: 20W Base Model with Motion Sensor & Emergency Battery Backup


  • Energy Saving and low operating cost
  • CREE Chips
  • IP Rating: IP65
  • Voltage AC85V~265V
  • Driver Included
  • Rated 50,000 hours
  • Colors: Silver, White, Black
  • Available options: Motion Sensor, Emergency Battery Backup, or both


Wall Pack Diagram


Spec Sheet

LED Bulkhead Wall Pack
20W Bulkhead LED Light
PART# LC-WLP-20W-997


Outdoor lightings, Commercial, Industrial Parks, Building exteriors, parking lots, street lighting, open air pathways, loading docks etc.

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