100W LED Cobra Head Street Lamp

SKU: LC-STR-100W-449

LED Street Light Cobra Head 40w UL Listed
The traditional cobra head design is turned on its head with this terrific die-cast fixture. It authoritatively replaces 120-watt metal halide fixtures. Designed for use on residential streets, industrial areas, roadways, commercial properties, and where increased visibility for pedestrians and motorists is necessary.
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100-Watts of pure LED power in a solid, DLC approved fixture. This unit provides light equivalent up to 400-watts MH lamps. Built to withstand the elements with style, this fixture features solid die cast housing and an IP65 rating. Mounts quickly and easily for rapid large-scale deployment.


Descriptions Watts Lumens Voltage IP LED Type Warranty Cert
40W Cobra Head Street Light 40W 4.000LM 120~277V 50/60HZ 65 CREE 5 year DLC LM79 ETL
75W Cobra Head Street Light 75W 7.500LM
100W Cobra Head Street Light 100W 10.000LM

100W LED Cobra Head Specs


  • Easy Pole Mounting
  • Contemporary Cobra Head Style
  • Premium Cree Chips
  • Durable Die Cast Housing
  • Optional Photo Cell
  • Tempered Glass Lens
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • Rated for 50,000 Hours
  • Equivalent to 400W MH Bulb



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LED Street Lamp LED Lamp Catalog


Outdoor Street Lighting, Roadways, Highways, Interstates, etc.

LED Street Lights in Plaza Parking Lot
LED Street Light in Parking Lot
LED Street Light in Parking Lot

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