The LED Corporations LED Garage Lights, I’m reviewing is a genuine LED workshop light from a business called LED Corporations, who might be better known for their LED shop lights. Ok, so now that that is out of the way, let’s get on to the review of a rather streamlined LED garage light that provides some high lumen output.

To get great light this means running a few wires and installing a few fluorescent fixtures.

The LED Corporations Garage Lights is a brand new product which uses the latest in LED technology to produce high-quality light in a compact casing. Rather than installing a couple of enormous fluorescent light fixtures, that really don’t create a light color output that is good, a two car garage simply needs two of the LED light fixtures from LED Corporations Garage Lights. You heard right, LED Corporations Garage Lights implies that you only need one of their fixtures for every automobile bay of your garage; of course, it doesn’t ever hurt to add more.

Installing a LED Corporations Garage Light is as easy as can be in both new and existing buildings. It comes with a  wire to reach the nearest outlet and two S hooks for hanging to ceiling joists. They also offer a motion activated sensor option that may completely eliminate the requirement for a power switch, although I have mine plugged into a switched outlet.

LED Corporations Garage Lights 

40W LED Garage Light Surface Mount milky lens



LED Corporations Garage Lights, LIKE A MINI SUN

Not only are their light fixtures super bright, but the quality along with the color of the light is also really great. Turning on the light is similar to having your own miniature sun in your garage or workshop, along with the light is diffused enough that it removes any unpleasant shadows. A single fixture is many times brighter than my old set up in my workshop, also it uses the same quantity of electricity.

LED Corporations Garage Lights isn’t as economical as other light fixtures in the marketplace, but in this situation, I believe you are getting what you pay for, and that’s high-quality energy-efficient LED garage lighting that may last you for many years. The whole fixture comes with a 7-year warranty, and also the

LEDs are called to surpass 150,000 hours of runtime; that’s 70 years if run 6 hours a day. For comparison, an excellent quality LED household lightbulb might only have a life of 25,000 hours. The entire light fixture is made like a tank and ought to have the ability to handle getting knocked around in a garage or store surroundings, something that can’t be said about fluorescent fixtures and bulbs. I for one, am happy that I won’t have to worry about light bulbs for the next 70 years. If all goes according to plan, you may really pass your kids the LED Corporations Garage Lights. The Garage Light from LED Corporations Garage Lights is suitable for most residential and shop lighting needs, but LED Corporations Garage Lights additionally offers bigger led light fixture choices for larger workshops, warehouses or even gymnasiums

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